Read a selection of comments from our customers!

"One of the best curry sauces I have ever tasted. This is a product we will continue to buy on a regular basis."

 - Graeme Wood

"The BEST ready made curry sauce there is! The unique chilli system is fantastic. Love it! Thanks."

 - Jude Boyce

"This is my favourite make. I particularly like the fact that you can adjust the final result by leaving or removing the chillies."

 - Tessa Webb

"A superior ready made sauce that we shall definately use again."

 - Shirley Hedley

"A really delicious sauce. I will definitely buy it again. Thank you."

 - Janet Robinson

"The curry was very tasty. We buy Bibijis once or twice a month."

 - Sylvia Poole

"It was very nice and I was glad to see it was low in fat and had no gluten in."

 - Rachel Roberts

"the sauce was delicious – really deep flavours with fresh sauce, not too heavy nor greasy."

 - Emily Darnton

"I never usually go near a Tikka Masala so was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It’s not your normal sweet tasting masala, very nicely spiced and flavoursome. Thanks!"

 - Angela Squires

"we made a prawn Tikka Masala Curry was very nice"

 - Lynda Harris

"Really enjoyed this sauce."

 - Jonathan White

"Really enjoyed it. Thank you."

 - Gary Pritchard

"Very good indeed. I’ll look out for it again"

 - Alan Thompson

"Added extra onion and chicken and kept the chillies in. Found the spicyness just right. Had it was naan bread and a bottle of Hookey Norton Gold – mmmm"

 - Angela McMahon

"Really enjoyed it – will buy again and try some other flavours. Added onion to my chicken when I cooked it. Thanks."

 - Colleen De Villiers

"Really enjoyed this. Took some chillies out of mine, I do not like it too hot! Great idea."

 - Bernard McGraghan

"Makes a lovely chicken curry. Chillies not excessively hot. Added more onion, red pepper and mushrooms."

 - Bernard McGraghan

"Really enjoyed it , a tasty treat .Thankyou."

 - Eileen Mitchell

"Had a chicken curry at the weekend using the Bibijis curry sauce. We were very pleased with the taste of this sauce."

 - Richard Daubney

"Very delicious"

 - Jackie Russell

"Delicious. Particularly liked the lemon flavour coming through to contrast with the chili."

 - Anne Packham

"Very tasty thank you"

 - Ann Ripley

"Hi I am on a low fat diet, and have searched for a genuine product, having found you, at last I can eat a square meal, quell my hunger, with no added fat or additives. Great product."

 - Michael

"I met you on the market while on holiday near Coventry, we tried the delicious samples that you were giving out, but sadly as we had just started our holiday we couldn’t take some with us,as soon as we got home I ordered a mix, and we weren’t disappointed, they were fantastic and kept well, I am allso impressed by the fact they are so low fat,I have high colesterol so these are great for me and non of the friends who ate them with us have noticed.thanks for a great product."

 - June

"I reckon we’ve ordered 5 or 6 times in 2010 – Not one time have we been disappointed. Great delivery service and fantastic sauces. Just placed another order today!"

 - Wayne

"Really tasty sauces. As good as a takeaway if not better but a lot less fat. Really easy to make. Bought a load more yesterday. Best curry out there."

 - Marcus

"Excellent products, which we have been using for a few months now. Have saved us a fortune on takeaways and especially like the Jalfrezi."

 - Alan

"Always delivers on flavour and value. Excellent for dieting and low fat diets. Quick and easy or just leave the meat overnight to marinade for great taste."

 - Carol

"Low-fat curry, locked full of authentic flavours, what more can I say! I am a big Vindaloo fan!"

 - Mark

"We enjoy a decent curry, and with Bibijis commitment to fresh ingredients and none of those nasties that other less concerned companies add… Bibijis is always our choice!"

 - Gary

"Fab sauces, really tasty and healthy. I start by frying an onion adding the meat and then a few veg – peas, green beans, cauliflower etc then add the sauce. This makes them a great tasty balanced meal. You just don’t get that ‘processed’ taste of most other sauces. I also remove the chillies because my youngest doesn’t like it hot and then split into two pans and cook the final 5 mins with the chillies in for those who like it hot. Everyone’s happy."

 - Martin

"I am a member of weightwatchers and I can confirm the sauces are 6 Pro Points each and if you add chicken (another 6 Pro Points) it makes enough for two really good meals at max 6 Pro Points each (which is really good) and to top it off, the sauces are really, really nice! Roll on the 1st December when Bibijis are back in Solihull."

 - Joan

"I am a member of Slimming World and have been buying Bibiji’s sauces for years. I have on average 2 a week and every week I do, I lose weight. They’re healthy and fresh, and it’s as good as starting from scratch but without the hassle!"

 - Jayne

"Real nice curry have tried them all and there all good, even used them for a curry night with some mates over and everyone praised them them (had to put a lock on the fridge because im sure a certain (mention no names paul bennet) keeps pinching them when he calls in, is there a bibijis curry anonymous helpline think he needs it lol"

 - Vinny

"Just want to say your sauces are brilliant! We are eating these almost every day now – apart from a couple of nights a week (very sad I know!!). Thanks very much for an excellent service and I will be make for my next order soon :o )"

 - Tracy

"The best sauces Ive come across, always taste fresh, healthy and full of indian promise. They are so addictive (not actually, must point that out) and I just can’t have enough of them in the house. Bhuna, Jalfezi and Kasmiri are my faves."

 - Paul

"Really really nice home cook sauce. We ordered a full variety box of these and loved every one. The madras and jalfezi were our favourite, good spice and tang. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a to cut the big belly without compromising the flavour of a gorgeous curry. I love with chapatis and a good mix of yoghurt and mint sauce :) "

 - Jon

"Over the last few years I have tried well over thirty different brands of curry sauce from super markets, shops, the internet, but yours is the most natural and by far the best – long may you prosper."

 - Selwyn